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Learn about some of the advantages
My agenda of e-appointment book can provide

customers and

Manage easily from any device your appointment book.

e-Appointment Book
Up to 15 directories at once
Check the availability from a number of your employers at a glance.
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Appointments notice
Your customers will receive an appointment reminder in the time that was indicated, by email and SMS
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Sending SMS delayed
Your client may agree to a revision after some time... remind them.
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Mark the days without service
Specific holidays, vacations, days off, days without service...
Type in any customer information you deem necessary.
Several users of you agenda
Users who you give rights, will have access to control your agenda.
Complete list of customers
With the search engine, you will find any customer quickly and easily.
Usage statistics
Quickly verify the performance of all your agendas.
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History appmts per customer
List of all appointments, customer by customer, with all the details of each of the appointments, notes...
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Share your calendar with your customers, from your computer, smartphone...

Cita previa desde movil
Easy bookings for your customers
You can offer your customers requesting an appointment at any day and time with the direct online request, by iphone, android, tablet, PC...
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Custom Android and iPhone / iPad app
From the web or from the personalized app with the name of your business, your customers can request your appointments for free and you as a manager, you can see, create and delete appointments, manage your clients ...
Multiple Access to the book
Several people can access at once, with different devices, no conflicts on assigning dates.

Is your business already has Web, blog, Facebook?,
an put them!

Get appointments and new customers directly from your website!
Every time someone asks to register will receive an e-mail with your information
and thus control who can make an appointment on your calendar.
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Sign up and get your custom code to integrate your appointment book on your website, blog ...
It is only copy and paste the small code anywhere.

You will see that easy!

Your personalized address:

Your personalized agenda with your business name and logo.
From this web address, your customers can register your phonebook and make appointments.
Want to know how the e-appointment book works?... Try the e-Appointment book
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